Cooking Aid


A method of a cooking poultry item 20 using a cooking aid 10 comprises disposing an arm 11b of a thermally conductive U-shaped frame 11 of the cooking aid 10 into an internal portion of the poultry item 20 such that a second arm 11 a of the U-shaped frame 11 extends over an upper surface of the poultry item 20, and releasably coupling the second arm 11 a to the poultry item 20 using a staking member 12 of the cooking aid 10. The cooking aid 10 comprises an arcuate joining portion 11c, the arms and joining portion together defining a substantially U-shaped frame. A handle portion may be located on the joining portion. In use, the thermally conductive arms 11a, 11b transmit heat generated by an oven to the interior of the poultry item 20, thereby facilitating even and efficient cooking of the poultry item 20.




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