Apparatus and a method for deploying a wireline tool in a borehole


Apparatus and a method for deploying a wireline tool in a borehole, the apparatus comprising, a wireline cable 12 which is connected at its one end to the surface and is releasably connected at its other end to one end of an umbilical cable 24 via a first connection means, the other end of the umbilical cable being releasably connected to the logging head of a wireline tool 20 via a first latching means, and the logging head providing for mechanical and electrical connection between the wireline tool, and the wireline cable via the umbilical cable. The umbilical cable is surrounded by umbilical pipe 26 downhole, and the logging head also provides for mechanical and hydraulic connection between the umbilical pipe and the wireline tool; and the wireline tool being releasable from connection with the umbilical cable by a release means in the first latching means, and then being able to be pulled through the first latching means and through the umbilical pipe so that it is retrievable from the borehole.




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