Buckling strengthened shipping container


Disclosed is a buckling strength reinforced shipping container. The container includes an upper rail frame, a lower rail frame and a plurality of corner posts to withstand vertical load by vertically connecting four corners of the upper rail frame to those of the lower rail frame, thereby forming the framework of the container, a roof panel, a floor panel, a front panel and a rear panel formed with uneven surfaces and combined in and between the upper and lower rail frames; and buckling strength reinforcing frames each provided in an X-shaped arrangement on the front and rear panels respectively, thus withstanding torsional load and angular load. Employing this configuration, the structural ability of the container to efficiently withstand torsional load and angular load can be greatly increased, so that the allowable load to be supported by the container when stacked can be increased. In addition, deformation of and damage to the container by external impacts can be greatly reduced.




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