Steering column device

Dispositif de colonne de direction


A steering column device includes a steering column for supporting a steering shaft in a freely rotatable manner, and a guide plate and a column bracket for assembling the steering column onto a part of a vehicle body. The steering column device further includes coupling bolts coupled to the column bracket through guide grooves of the guide plate and movable along the guide grooves when the column bracket moves toward the front of the vehicle relative to the guide plate. Further, an upper column cover movable toward the front of the vehicle together with the steering column is assembled above the steering column at a position corresponding to a vehicle rear of the guide plate. Means for mitigating an impact is provided to a vehicle rear portion of the guide plate, and is configured to mitigate an impact to be caused when the upper column cover strikes, in the event of collision of the vehicle, against the vehicle rear portion of the guide plate along with movement of the steering column toward the front of the vehicle together with the column bracket.




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