Electro-hydraulic gantry combined belt breakage protection device



The invention discloses an electro-hydraulic gantry combined belt breakage protection device comprising a plurality of braking mechanisms, encoders, an explosion-proof and intrinsic safety type programmable logic controller (PLC) electric cabinet, a remote input/output (I/O) module control operation box, a coal blocking alarm device, a voice alarm device, an explosion-proof vacuum electromagnetic starter and a hydraulic system which are arranged on a belt conveyer. The encoders monitor the operation status of a belt in real time and transmit a signal to the explosion-proof and intrinsic safety type PLC electric cabinet to analyze, and an electrical system accurately judges a belt breakage signal and then sends out a command to capture. The hydraulic system supplements the pressure to an energy storage device and releases the same, so that the brake mechanisms can quickly and accurately act. The electro-hydraulic gantry combined belt breakage protection device has the beneficial effects that: the signal acquisition is sensitive and accurate, the braking is flexible and quick, the installation is convenient and simple, the braking force is strong, the belt is tightened when sliding down, the belt is contacted in a full section surface when in braking and does not have secondary harm to the belt; and the whole device has a small dimension and is applicable to roadways with various working conditions.




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