Knockout hydraulic system for continuous casting machine



The invention discloses a knockout hydraulic system for a continuous casting machine. The knockout hydraulic system consists of a constant-pressure control idle-load startup power source, an oil temperature control heating system, a liquid level control oil tank system, an oil temperature control circular cooling and filtering system, an abnormity transmitting return oil filtering system, a pressure sensing control device, an overturning cold bed valve stand, a reversing machine valve stand and an energy accumulator group, wherein the constant-pressure control idle-load startup power source is connected with the energy accumulator group; the overturning cold bed valve stand is connected with the reversing machine valve stand; the oil temperature control heating system is connected with the liquid level control oil tank system; and the oil temperature control circular cooling and filtering system and the abnormity transmitting return oil filtering system are connected with the liquid level control oil tank system respectively. In the knockout hydraulic system for the continuous casting machine, the liquid level, the oil temperature, the pressure and the speed are controlled with a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), so that the influence of human factors is eliminated, energy is saved, the production efficiency is increased, the product quality is enhanced, and production automation of the equipment is fully realized.




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