Measuring system for media which flow in a tube conduit



The measuring system of the invention comprises: a measuring transducer of vibration-type, through which medium flows during operation and which serves for producing oscillatory signals dependent on a viscosity of the flowing medium and/or a Reynolds number of the flowing medium; as well as a transmitter electronics electrically coupled with the measuring transducer for driven the measuring transducer and for evaluating oscillatory signals delivered by the measuring transducer. The measuring transducer includes: An inlet-side flow divider (201) having at least two, mutually spaced, flow openings (201A, 201B); an outlet-side flow divider (202) having at least two, mutually spaced, flow openings (202A, 202B); at least two, mutually parallel, straight, measuring tubes (181, 182) for conveying flowing medium, connected to the flow dividers (201, 202) for forming a tube arrangement having at least two flow paths for parallel flow; as well as an electromechanical exciter mechanism (4) for exciting and maintaining mechanical oscillations of the at least two measuring tubes (181, 182). Each of the at least two measuring tubes opens with an inlet-side measuring tube end into a flow opening (201A) of the inlet-side flow divider (201) and with an outlet-side, second measuring tube end into a flow opening (202A) of the outlet-side flow divider (202). The transmitter electronics feeds, by means of an electrical driver signal supplied to the exciter mechanism, electrical excitation power into the exciter mechanism, while the exciter mechanism converts electrical excitation power at least partially into opposite-equal torsional oscillations of the at least two measuring tubes (181, 182).




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