Processing method of bending and scented green tea



The invention provides a processing method of a bending and scented green tea. The finished tea is obtained by the steps of: specific green spreading treatment of fresh leaves, roll/microwave combined green removing, humidifying and kneading, prebaking treatment, two times of frying in a small pan, one time of frying in a large pan, infrared drying, infrared fragrance extraction and the like. In the processing method, organic integration is carried out on the existing processing equipment and the process technique and the like, a special temperature-control and humidity-control device is arranged during green spreading of the fresh leaves, the defects of heavy bitter of tea soup and easily entrained slow fire of fragrance and the like in the existing processing technology are overcome by sectional and fine processing, and the purpose of improving the internal flavors such as fragrance and taste and the like of the bending and scented green tea is achieved. As for the processed product, the appearance is compact, the color is green, the fragrance is lasting, and the taste is thick, fresh and cool.




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