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US-4661438-A: Quaternized tellurium salt fog inhibiting agents for silver halide photography patent, US-5047619-A: High density data track layout for storage media patent, US-6101310-A: Apparatus for reading and writing information from and to a time code track in a recording medium patent, US-6355516-B1: Method of manufacturing a capacitor with a bi-layer Ta2O5 capacitor dielectric in a semiconductor device including performing a plasma treatment on the first Ta2O5 layer patent, US-6694201-B1: Supervisory parallel switching device for computer integrated manufacturing system with secs-compliant serial communication links patent, US-4153752-A: Dielectric insulating polyolefin compounds and conductor products insulated therewith patent, US-4326503-A: Turbulent solar collector patent, US-4754375-A: Combination reflector for wide angle warning light patent, US-6101506-A: Method and system for managing files by version and programs therefor patent, US-4317276-A: Method of manufacturing an insulated gate field-effect transistor therefore in a silicon wafer patent, US-4751198-A: Process for making contacts and interconnections using direct-reacted silicide patent, US-6300641-B1: Process for modifying surfaces of materials, and materials having surfaces modified thereby patent, US-4204970-A: Lubricant compositions containing alkylated aromatic amino acid antioxidants patent, US-4611262-A: Electrical circuit package for greeting cards patent, US-5164299-A: Use of a mixture of conjugated and unconjugated solid phase binding reagent to enhance the performance of assays patent, US-4226281-A: Thermal conduction module patent, US-4249229-A: Transformer having novel multiple winding and support structure and method of making same patent, US-4481408-A: Cooking apparatus patent, US-4568417-A: Control system for prilling towers patent, US-5248486-A: Device, agent and process for medical waste sterilization patent, US-6026885-A: Electronic component feeder patent, US-6334026-B1: On-screen display format reduces memory bandwidth for time-constrained on-screen display systems patent, US-6553566-B1: Viewer controlled multi-function system for processing television signals patent, US-6596092-B1: Washing process and washing apparatus patent, US-4822980-A: PTC heater device patent, US-5858178-A: Process and device for preparing and/or extracting samples using a vaporizable agent at high temperature patent, US-6858929-B2: Semiconductor package with lid heat spreader patent, US-4740439-A: Image-forming process using long-rolled photosensitive material patent, US-5127935-A: Uracil derivatives and herbicides containing the same as active ingredient patent, US-5478066-A: Sheet supply apparatus patent, US-6458910-B1: High impact LLDPE films patent, US-6783993-B1: Homogenizing of small-volume mixtures by centrifugation and heating patent, US-5352609-A: Cartridge, apparatus, and method for preparing purified nucleic acids from a cell sample patent, US-5961931-A: Particulate trap patent, US-6020527-A: Stereospecific isomerisation of allyl amines using chiral phosphorous ligands patent, US-6399100-B1: Controlled release pharmaceutical compositions containing tiagabine patent, US-4882745-A: Cordless headset telephone patent, US-5198306-A: Recording transparency and method patent, US-5468465-A: Treated apatite particles for x-ray diagnostic imaging patent, US-6147113-A: β-hydroxyaspartic acid derivatives patent, US-6204098-B1: Method of formation in a silicon wafer of an insulated well patent, US-4260869-A: Traveling welding carriage patent, US-4546014-A: Water-swellable crosslinked polymeric microgel particles and aqueous dispersions of organic film-forming resins containing the same patent, US-5014108-A: MESFET for dielectrically isolated integrated circuits patent, US-5063178-A: Freeze-dried blood gas sensor patent, US-5992804-A: Seat pedestal assembly patent, US-6613833-B2: Method for producing aqueous ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer composition patent, US-5054732-A: Intravenous feeder support for stroller patent, US-6704608-B1: Portable body used in two way, communication system, communication method, terminal, computer-readable recorded medium on which program is recorded patent, US-6160010-A: BTK inhibitors and methods for their identification and use patent, US-6277420-B1: Combination rawhide and formulated food pet chew patent, US-6103680-A: Non-corrosive cleaning composition and method for removing photoresist and/or plasma etching residues patent, US-6590684-B1: Optical system patent, US-6108593-A: Method and apparatus for estimating attitude sensor bias in a satellite patent, US-5836721-A: Powder coating apparatus patent, US-6709740-B2: Easy handling ultraclear thermoplastic film patent, US-4611035-A: Polyhydridosilanes and their conversion to pyropolymers patent, US-5853842-A: Process for the production of a multi-layer composite article having fasteners affixed to a surface thereof and the article produced thereby patent, US-4689353-A: Hydroxy and amino-functional polyahls containing carbonate, urethane and/or urea moieties patent, US-5840841-A: Method and apparatus for biopolymer synthesis patent, US-6051366-A: Visible radiation sensitive composition and recording material producible therefrom patent, US-5418179-A: Process of fabricating complementary inverter circuit having multi-level interconnection patent, US-5828163-A: Field emitter device with a current limiter structure patent, US-6429206-B2: Non-systemic control of parasites patent, US-5476885-A: Cement additive, method for producing the same, and cement composition patent, US-6712927-B1: Chamber having process monitoring window patent, US-6861265-B1: Flow cytometer droplet formation system patent, US-6730410-B1: Surface control alloy substrates and methods of manufacture therefor patent, US-6369138-B2: Processability of silica-filled rubber stocks with reduced hysteresis patent, US-6518283-B1: Squaric acid derivatives patent, US-6528820-B1: Semiconductor device and method of fabricating same patent, US-6589611-B1: Deposition and chamber treatment methods patent, US-4654420-A: Lipoprotein adsorbent for use in extracorporeal circulation treatment and process for preparing thereof patent, US-4956030-A: Method of fabricating simulated stone surfaces and improved simulated stone products patent, US-5891312-A: Enhanced vacuum arc vapor deposition electrode patent, US-6331265-B1: Reinforced polymers patent, US-4364894-A: Method for molding a reinforced plastic tubular body having a socket, and mold therefore patent, US-4409156-A: Process for producing microcapsules patent, US-3998987-A: Electrostatic recording element patent, US-4285712-A: Apparatus and method for the production of glass fibers patent, US-4507333-A: Biphenylene end-capped quinoxaline polymers and their use as insulating coatings for semiconductor devices patent, US-6372048-B1: Gas processing apparatus for object to be processed patent, US-4310657-A: Polymeric monohydroxybenzenoid hydroquinoid antioxidants patent, US-4645655-A: Process for the preparation of zeolite Nu-27 using tetramethylmediamine patent, US-5846814-A: Solid-supported membrane biosensors patent, US-6575454-B2: High capacity document sheet processor patent, US-4294078-A: Method and system for the compact storage of heat and coolness by phase change materials patent, US-4358542-A: Photochromic glass suitable for microsheet and simultaneous heat treatment and shaping patent, US-4444610-A: Method and apparatus for providing piercing tabs on the lids of containers patent, US-5729439-A: Printed wiring substrate patent, US-5793106-A: Semiconductor device patent, US-6249015-B1: Semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof patent, US-4323603-A: Fluoroelastomer film compositions containing silane compounds and method for the preparation thereof patent, US-4464823-A: Method for eliminating short and latent short circuit current paths in photovoltaic devices patent, US-6881764-B2: Polyurethane composition with glass cullet filler and method of making same patent, US-6642350-B1: Method of purifying bishydroxyalkyl terephthalate patent, US-4022855-A: Method for making a plastic optical element having a gradient index of refraction patent, US-4171077-A: Bicycle carriers for buses and the like patent, US-4511791-A: Electronic balance meter patent, US-4737471-A: Method for fabricating an insulated-gate FET having a narrow channel width patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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